Normally everyone happens to us that we are concerned with everyday life situations.It is an innate in human beings proceed, although some have more ingrained than others, there are also those that his nonchalance is almost total. And they almost always provoke the aggravation of situations. When it disturbs us an idea, a problem or a situation of any kind, this limits us in a certain way to take action on that particular and inhibits us able to takeoff in order to solve it. My neighbor is to blame for what happens to me. Greatly begin the phase of the justifications and all kinds of explanations are surfacing of because emerged and because the problems are maintained.The other almost always are to blame, not ourselves. Or the circumstances. We have no money because the economy is bad.

We have not had economic prosperity because luck was not on our side, or a Chief tripped us in our way too incomprehensible that we ran the work or that makes life impossible. My partner has the blame because it is very gastadora and so an infinite number of justifications. I did not have the joy of being able to study etc, etc then the fact of the matter is that we always spent blaming others for our problems. For everything there is a justification and all seem valid and accurate. It is no lie that there are not always real opportunities search the daily sustenance and the economic situation becomes more critical. But that can not be justification for not thrown forward.

If the conditions were good it would be relatively easy to have income. the capacity and ingenuity becomes manifest when opportunities are scarce or the conditions are adverse. The first big change is Mental. Why worry about and deal with are very similar but they are not equal. You can worry about and at the same time seek solution to problems, that is the correct position. However if you worry and on the contrary don’t do anything to change that reality, all goes to keep the same. No there will be no significant change or not. The story is for or rather takes place, but without the necessary transformations. On the other hand the first big change is not physical or material, the first and most important change is purely mental. I.e. determine which is the most important thing to keep in mind and how you’ll be able to see things in another way. There are great thinkers and writers who express that there is no full happiness and are partly right in our view, happiness depends on your state of mind of how he faced life, circumstances, problems and how you relations with that environment. Always missing something, if you think so. Having money to supplement the material is not synonymous with happiness. Health, can miss for example. Seeing things with a positive attitude and real change, you’ll feel that you have it all and are going to fight with more passion for what you think you need. Worry and worry is more than reason enough to get the goals that you propose and succeed in each contest.