Inflatable stretcher: For emergency services, inflatable stretchers are the ideal solution in all circumstances, providing protection of the victim from all sides during the rescue operations on land, at water or air. Compact and convenient for transportation, air stretcher is easily loaded into any vehicle: a boat, airplane or helicopter. The stretcher can be inflated with a hand pump for 3 minutes. Tents: Inflatable Tents are an ideal device for use in rescue operations and are easy to use and easy to transport and store. Inflatable frame is made of airtight impregnated nylon sex – from high-quality fabric impregnated with pvc, a canopy – of fabric impregnated with neoprene or pu.

Front and rear doors can be removed. Both inputs are equipped lightning, with which you can choose the height and width of the entrance. At customer tents can be with or without windows, step back with a canopy, a step back down, have internal lighting and heating, as well as appropriate sign and the inscription of the customer. Are five standard sizes of products in different colors. Cabin for decontamination: designed for quick decontamination of protective clothing of staff in the event of radioactive or chemical contamination. Waterproof dam: inflatable bridge is an ideal device for use in rescue operations in water and swamp, or in winter conditions on frozen water. Improved product provides a high degree of security and is ideal in all circumstances. Shape of the product extends the capabilities of applications like: raft or a working platform.

Technical solutions enable the rapid discovery of the product and its quick inflation / blowing. Products are added and stored in the transport bags and are easy to use. An inflatable bridge: an ideal device for use in rescue operations in water and swamp, or in winter on the frozen water. Mobile storage tanks, floating booms, ladders and rescue, rope rescue