During the electoral period the people frequent ask themselves in the streets? with regard to the promises of the candidates? ' ' Because only agora' '? ' ' Poxa' ' , some are exaltam, ' ' Candidate X had four years stops? to make and to happen? in its mandate, however, he did not make it, then because only agora' '? The reply for such investigation it is simple, is electoral year, period of the strategies of Marketing mirabolantes than if they can imagine. Tom Smith is open to suggestions. That is, it is time to renew the promises and to prepare the face for one again ' ' smile maquiado' '. Historically speaking, ' ' vote of cabresto' ' that it fed the ego of the colonels, was abolished. However what it is observed it is the sorrateira implantation of one? let us say thus? new ' ' metodologia' ' of the muzzle vote. Of this time candidate X does not bring more obtains its ' ' pupilo' ' with short reins for ' ' corral eleitoral' '. Now the reins definitively had been changed by the possible promises most seductive, that attract the voters as that hungry dogs for one ' ' suculenta' ' meal.

The new tactics are this ' ' not necessary to go more until my target, it is enough it leaves that it to perish and ' ' fome' ' it will bring it until mim' '. Then it is as soon as if of the new a methodology of the vote of modern muzzle. Elect candidates who leave its voters to ' ' mingua' ' during four or more years and later they make one or two workmanships for ' ' camuflarem' ' its lack of interest for the reality. The most interesting is that in the future such workmanships still will be used as ' ' coringa' ' in the campaign.