About 10 years ago was actively discussed the transition from national advertisers, advertising campaigns, to regional. There were many reasons, such as a more precise impact on the target audience, the cheapness regional advertising rates relative to capital, revenue growth regions, etc. Today we (the advertising agency 'Port'), we see that the regional advertising seriously grown up, has a fairly large amount, the advertising market in region was formed and continues to evolve. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as CMO, Nissan North America by clicking through. However, it should be noted that, speaking of the regional advertising markets, we are primarily talking about regional markets and regional centers, in the best case yet for some of the most major cities in the provinces. Towns and villages are not taken into account. Advertising market, at best, limited to where the local newspaper, printing press, which works only on this very newspaper, one or two firms outdoor advertising (usually only on billboards), if you're lucky – the local TV station. All would be nothing like the locals and no saturated advertising information flows well, the company and so do their profits.

However, the recent interest in small settlements with advertisers began to rise. There is a steady increase in requests for implementation of projects in advertising is not about big cities, where contacts have been established long ago, the experts there are any problems with the conduct of an activity there, and to the towns, where there is no population and 50 thousand, or even 20 thousand people. With what may be the reason? I think the fact that the markets of the capital, regional and regional centers already saturated with supply of goods and their advertising. The shares are divided into producers and sellers. In order to "lure" of the client from the competition by itself will require more effort and financial investments. Therefore, advertisers and start to pay more attention to the local markets of smaller settlements, which until recently seemed to them attractive and strategically important.

In addition, local advertising and there is still a definite plus – this is its cheapness. Accommodation prices are lower than in "advertising and developed" cities. However, there is their "pitfalls" that complicate life for advertisers. Due to the fact that progress in the local market did not present earlier for companies of particular interest, advertising is simply not developed. The main problem arises at the stage of planning and promotion is that the markets are small cities simply have not been studied in most cases there is no information about the specifics of a particular local audience, her portrait, media preferences, etc. But, in spite of that, the trend of growing interest of advertisers to small and small Settlements are. This means that soon we will see development of the local advertising market: demand creates supply, as not cool. Somewhere there is, somewhere there will be local advertising agency, which will be accumulate work experience and be able to meet customer requests. The development of this market is likely to increase local prices for these services, but deliver us from having to carry even greater costs associated with transport and time costs of non-native artists. In the end, the increased interest in local markets and promote them to lead their development, saturation and competition. But we know that the competition – thing is very useful and necessary for normal development of a market economy. So, I think, in general, the growing interest of advertisers to "local promotion" – the process of positive and natural.