Eroski Consumer designed Apparatuses to dissuade the intruders and to warn of its presence the inhabitants of the house. One is sensors of presence, sonorous boxes of alarm or warning devices. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Pinterest by clicking through. Before installing it studies them the weaker accesses to the house and their points. The warning devices protect the most vulnerable zones of the outside and the interior of the house, besides alerting to their inhabitants and to the services of security of which some intruder has acceded to her with little allowed intentions. Sensors of presence, boxes and sonorous keyboards of alarm or warning devices. The different components from an alarm system can be connected with or without cables.

The previous requirement is to realise a detailed study from the possible accesses to the house and of the weakest points of this. Consumer/Eroski remembers that the alarms, sensors and other safeties are designed to warn the inhabitants of a house of the presence of an intruder or to drive away to this and notifying the outside that something happens. Between these last apparatuses they appear the outer sirens, intermittent luminous devices, the telephone warning devices and the emergency medallions. Both first they emit sonorous or luminous signals towards the outside of the house when a friend of the other people’s thing tries to accede to this. Sensors, warning devices and detectors the telephone warning devices are connected to a telephone line, it determines or moving body, and in case of danger they generate calls to several programmed numbers previously. A fourth device, the emergency medallions, allows to shoot an alarm or to generate automatic telephone calls to relatives or a center of alert reception. The sensors or detectors of presence alert to the inhabitants of a house of which somebody has acceded to this. There are opening detectors that consist of two pieces, one of which a door or window is placed within the framework of and another one in the opening leaf.