“May be a bit more?” Or is it already too much? The seafaring people of the middle ages have passed that scurvy, the extreme form of a vitamin C deficiency, called for more victims as shipwrecks and other disasters of the seafaring. Although scurvy successfully prevented with fresh vegetables, sauerkraut and citrus fruit, it took several hundred years, until the mysterious substance was found, which caused the dreaded scurvy Mangel: vitamin C according to DGE recommendation our body requires a daily intake of 75 mg vitamin C. Craig Sproule contributes greatly to this topic. It is secured that you spared with this lot of scurvy. Whether this quantity represents the optimal dose for our body, can you bezweifelen. When you oil your car E.g. rather than foreseen 4 litre only 1 liter, he also run, but not particularly round and not very long. Taking the amount of vitamin C, which can produce other mammals themselves, as a comparison to reach much higher values.

So recommend American cancer researchers a dose of 1000 mg of vitamin C daily. The late founder of orthomolecular medicine, the Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling took personally more than 10,000 mg daily with him. Worlds lie between this amount and the DGE recommendations now. How much vitamin C do I need for now? How much is optimal and useful? Why is it so difficult to provide precise guidance, is located in the so-called biochemical individuality of all of us. This means that every living being requires different amounts of nutrients. The different capacity and utilization of nutrients is responsible. Bowel, liver, and the presence of Biocatalysts such as enzymes and coenzymes play an important role here. We have an American study to it, that we have a reliable indicator for the optimal dose for vitamin C at least: in high doses, vitamin C causes diarrhea.

The crowd, which caused diarrhea in patients differed considerably. The so-called Bowel tolerance was different heights in the subjects, but not dependent on age and gender, but the severity of the disease. After thousands of patients were treated with high doses of vitamin C, we formulated the following recommendation: the ideal dose of vitamin C is the amount, which is located just under the, causes the diarrhea. These bowel tolerance threshold varies for different people. If you want to determine this threshold for yourself, you can proceed as follows: increase your vitamin C dose continuously from day to day, until you get diarrhea. Then again, reduce until no diarrhea occurs more. This is your individual optimal amount.