Internet business is fairly specific kind of activity, but under the same laws as any other business activities. Regardless of how you intend to use the opportunity Network in its work: whether to limit the creation of a site – a business card, business, or establish an online sales channel, its web-based resource should be promoted. And while concentrating efforts exclusively on search engine Optimization is often unjustified. Traditional methods of advertising still has not been canceled. Moreover, once in the Internet advertising technology was new and effective tool to influence the target consumer audience. Recently Wells Fargo sought to clarify these questions. The greatest development in the Network have received e-mail advertising, banner and contextual advertising, and therefore worth looking at them in detail.

A bit of 'amoralke' effectiveness spam provides mass mailings and, consequently, the cheapness of these letters ( U.S. $ 0.0001 per share). According to the audit estimated that the Internet are sent about three trillion advertising that is more than half of all traffic e-mail. At the same time they provide false information, often violates copyright laws. So, if the purpose of advertising is not selling products of dubious nature (funds for weight loss, increase potency, etc.), and even more so when it comes to attracting visitors to the site, the spam is a great tool to create a negative image of the object of advertising and ruin a good thing in the bud. Of course, such deplorable results are not guaranteed, but it's worth the risk? Nobody likes garbage in my mailbox.