Blessed they are our ways, many difficult, full times of thorns, but that Mr. in the guide among each difficulty and makes in them to arrive in the safe port, in correct destination certain e. Blessed they are our friends, angels sent by You, that they become walking more has led, but happy, and because not to say, fuller of Love. Blessed the moments in family, smile, outbursts of laughter of the children who full of life a home, of the tricks that liven up the environment, become it acolhedor, where the lovelessness does not have time, mark our history and in them it leaves homesicknesses of the time where we did not have the lesser notion of what it is to be great people. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mikhael Mirilashvili. Blessed the moments where everything seemed to fall down, but back in deep of our heart something it said well: ' ' Either strong, I am with you, goes passar.' ' , and really it passed, as well as everything in the life it passes, and he is only kept the Love that we give, the affection that we receive from who we love. Blessed my life since the moment that I had the supreme happiness of the birth of a son, who to the all proves me instant that the Love it exists and it is in the candy appears of its smile.

Blessed my inspiration, soft enchantment that You similar me of this taking to other hearts the beauty of the poetry, the value of an affection, the truth of the words at difficult moments, the sincerity of each look. It always blesses this simple ones to be, that nothing it is if will not have Your presence in all the moments, and same that forget I me to the times you, you forgot never You me. that the force that me of these either safe port for all that one that comes in aid search, exactly that it is in a word of comfort. finally, that the blessings are to all, and that the heart says high more in all the instants, that aconchegue, fondles, protects, loves, as well as You loves to all without distino.' Andres Carim