Now a large flow of information for people left without work, were laid off or simply consist of "not for years to retire," about what to do. Reading all this you realize that, in principle, a lot of work, but what if there is funds and would like to start their own business, even a little. This raises the question – what? Scientists offer and look around normally choose what you see its own shortages. Let me explain! Many children – little gardens! That's think about the opening of garden – big investment of time and financial, a lot of coordination and responsibility, then you can Children's Center (developmental). Almost every new building opened such centers. This is one idea: after all, I think already has grandchildren, you can sit with them yourself, but you can organize the center. The second idea! Each machine, but not all clean! Wash in the street can not, but to turn auto-washes. And here there are many proposals for building auto-wash.

Of all the stuff I liked the stand-alone car wash that does not require connection to water, sanitation, heating and electricity. What is not real? No, Ltd. group of companies "Aquarius" is a self-cleaning, which is installed on any flat surface, in any place and ready to go, almost immediately after it was installed by crane. It turns out all in one, without coordination, obbivaniya thresholds of all possible instances. Construction of car-washing with zero cost 3400000 Rubles for 2 cars, not counting all the equipment, which will acquire, but this stand-alone car wash with all the equipment for 3 cars is the same. Here and calculate: time, money, nerves and leaves in our market is good value for money in their own business. The third idea as far as our favorite horse – spare parts delivery! Who was faced with repairing their car knows that parts in one place, repair the other. Time it takes a lot to big cities like Moscow! And our online store to sell spare parts? Here we have to think, and investments will be divided into several stages: 1-a good site, 2-car delivery, and 3 suppliers and operational information from them. Ideas are many, but the choice is yours. And if you look more at home and smaller brothers … dog walking business-like, but that's another time!