The Linz advertising agency is repeated with TEDx organizers Vlad Gozman fresh wind into the House. Vlad Gozman studied economics at the University of Bucharest and then worked the largest Romanian construction companies as Deputy Project Manager for PA & co international. Since 2010, he lives in Austria and is here mainly responsible for organizing the TEDx conferences in Vienna, where he performed five TEDx events with great success since November 2010. He gained further experience in the field of communication in the Wiener Stadtwerke and as a communications consultant in the education initiative for a referendum. At the advertising agency of provo, marketing speaks him especially the young team as well as the strong identity of the company also the large appeal again to try new and rebuild.

Provo marketing is a young communications agency with offices in Linz and Vienna. The Agency offers its clients mainly services in the areas of classical marketing, online marketing and social media marketing. Customers are among the TV channel AUSTRIA 9 TV, fitness Studio space.F, JKU Linz University, as well as the table tennis player Liu Jia. PR contact: provo marketing E.u.. Sandra Pichler Rudolfstrasse 6/1 4040 Linz E-mail: