During the War of Independence of Israel, the command of Battalion 4A Palmaj in Kiryat Anavim, then the road to Jerusalem, and within the city.
In Jerusalem he was commissioned to conquer Katamon neighborhood inhabited by wealthy Arabs and a Jewish minority. Their attacks spread terror among the Arabs, who yielded to pressure Jewish.
Following the proclamation of the State of Israel, was ordered to attack Mount Sion and continue to the Old City. The invasion of the Arab Legion, vastly superior in heavy weapons, prevented Israeli troops conquered Jerusalem. However, lack of training of the Bedouins in the fight caused the Arab street, after being arrested by a hard power of improvised Gadna (youth organization of the Hagana) directed by Josef Nevo, unable to conquer Jerusalem Jewish.
After the first UN truce in June 1948, which allowed the Israelis to obtain weapons and equated their enemies in fire power on July 9 the Tsahal step on the offensive and destroying their opponents. Full disbanded in Arabic, a final attempt to conquer the Old City was aborted by the cease-fire demanded by Arab governments puzzled, decreed by the UN and accepted by Israel on July 19, 1948.
Narkis was the head of the Central Region Command of the Six-Day War of 1967 and was in charge of the troops who liberated the city. Narkis appears in the photo next to the historic Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and the Commander in Chief of the IDF, Yitzhak Rabin, who was taken in the Old City of Jerusalem shortly after his forces recaptured from Jordan in the Six-Day War 1967 entering the Old City.

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel issued tenders for building a West Bank settlement a few days before the first was his first official meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama , army radio reported Monday.
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While the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington for an earful from U.S. legislators on the need to stop Jewish settlements and the creation of a Palestinian state, back in Jerusalem, the new mayor is to implement a different policy .
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Jerusalem, Feb 11 (PTI) Uncertainty continues to loom on the formation of a new government in Israel as Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni-led Kadima Party which arose as single largest party in the general election, only one seat lead over his rival Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud Party.
Jerusalem, May 18 (UPI) – Israel is a West Bank Jewish settlement even as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, critics say.

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