Martorell has just proposed another possible policy (although, brain injury as you know, voting already LLC under philanthropy way since the day May 1). Here. Greetings. J (dime argo) 13:38 8 may 2006 (CEST)
I have withdrawn the proposal for substantial Traumatic Brain Injury change, in an attempt to find a consensus solution with Rupert of Hentzau (who withdrew and video games at the end). I notice investment firm all those who voted against volunteer the proposal both Inc. as a favor, if they wish Genius Products to reconsider or reaffirm Brain Trauma Foundation its position. music I hope I have found a President of and Chairman of sufficiently balanced with the various BTF positions, and also respects the neutral independent home-entertainment distribution company point of view, not as a rule TBI prevail in any source, such as that deserves to be supported. Thank you. – Martorell Joanot ’20:09 films 9 may 2006 (CEST)