The great thing, but still, is that email marketers are transparent with all their activities due to the measurability. For more information see this site: Francois Tajan. All features are available in a permanent performance competition together with unused features. A good email marketer will always first make sure that all homework assignments are made, they continuously develop and then go the extra mile for himself and his clients”, to try out new opportunities. Yes immediately get back the result of his efforts. What opportunities exist in the combination of email with mobile marketing and the social Web? Thomas Goring is always dependent on the objective. Mobile marketing is of course better controlled, i.e. here faster sales and brand communication will be in the foreground. Social Media will play a role in the short term, especially in connection with reach and only after effective sales are associated with.

Branding is about email marketing in combination with the social Web currently is on everyone’s lips, but here especially the size of the budget will play a crucial role. Success and failure are here currently still very close together. Do you have current figures for us when sending a newsletter is preferred? Thomas Goring we use our over 200 existing customers repeatedly to determine: the universal optimal delivery time does not exist. Because only one thing can help: analyze, test, analyze, test, and getting better. We consider opening and click peaks of past shipments and set the optimum dispatch time individually for each customer and each dispatch. What are generally your latest insights when it comes to opening rates, bounces, and performance? Thomas Goring the better the customer lifecycle management, is more positive this triad fail. In the short term To pursue open rates may not work while, but for the benefit of the entire performance. A fine example is the Otto Newsletter, shortly after it was made public that Michael Ballack will be out for the World Cup due to a bad fouls.