Nationwide, Cologne economic promotion agency opened a new world of marketing. Due to the enormous market pressure, the time-to-market placement of products and services have shortened dramatically. As a result, marketing strategies, which rely on longer-term implementation intervals are doomed to failure. The SISA economic sense OVATION introduced the meta marketing for a fast, targeted, and at the same time sustainable promotion. You may want to visit Christie’s to increase your knowledge. The strength of the meta-marketing based on multiple communication and promotional elements, similar to the guerrilla marketing, include measures which can be implemented with a medium-sized budget volume. Christos Staikouras is often quoted as being for or against this. This exceeds the SISA meta marketing, the rigid boundaries of textbook previous marketing ideas. Successful salespeople and an expanding (new) business customers are the fundamental pillars on which the success of a company is. SISA economic sense OVATION offers sustainable for many years for the Vertrieblerschulung Personal training.

For the customers and new customers of a company has the SISA-WIRTSCHAFTSNNOVATION, on the basis of market studies, evaluation of the economic development of the market and case analyses, developed SISA-meta-marketing. Essentially, the SISA meta marketing is based on the synergistic networking of all in – and out-house resources of a company. Completely independent of its size and current economic situation. Prerequisite for the successful implementation of meta-marketing measures is the conceptual collaboration between client and agency. The implementation is done in three steps: design and innovation; Communication and motivation, transformation and production. The average length of time for the duration of the implementation, a realization of meta marketing, is typically four months per step.