Over the choice of incentive marketing provider for the 360 degree marketing the initiator of an incentive action acts now creatively within the framework of a 360 degree marketing. (Not to be confused with christie’s art auction!). The dream worlds from the demo grafien & psycho grafien of the target groups for marketing can be excellent read and operate just overlooking the brand, company or action philosophy. matches, success rates quickly from single to double digits can be switched. Pictured example: who today still for a newspaper subscription recommendation/request a hardware such as Samsonite suitcase, alarm & co. plus additional purchases, precisely this hardware is often more important than the newspaper.

The actual offer loses value over the case despite surcharge. Alternatively: Offer it as a Urlaubstripp, or for the young readers a bungee jump. “To do so maybe the headline: our readers read your new newspaper where you are most like!” -It is crucial for the incentive effect – here are no limits the creative concept. And is sympathetic It all times. Because product benefits and value added experience in their value have no competition and leads the world of product to personal experiences.

More usage examples on the subject of incentive marketing guide – preparing incentive marketing creating an investment pro action contact firmly what is you a prospect, a customer or employee worth? Usually such as product promotions go out approximately 5% of the price. On this basis, you determine the budget targets for an incentive marketing. Define and describe your target group preferences in areas where they are most ideally: leisure, travel or hobby. You interpret to your brand world or the emotional content, the personality of your company, its products and services: this as a default for the incentive range, so that the added value of not surpasses the product or offer benefits, but rather underlining puts in scene. To the respective incentive can radiate in turn positive experience on brand, company, or offer them exciting put in scene.