Orthopaedic competence in the’ Orthopadikum’ the clinic bundled Oberstdorf has repositioned itself in the healthcare market. “With the Orthopadikum Allgau clinic for orthopaedic surgery and sports Traumatology” the clinic is breaking new ground. The eleven established orthopedic surgeons from the region, which operate at the clinic for many years, are now together with the clinic of Oberstdorf under the umbrella brand Orthopadikum Allgau”on (www.orthopadikum-Allgau.de). With 849 endoprosthetic hip and knee surgeries per year this article is one of the Orthopadikum now nationwide the clinics with the most operations the cooperation of doctors with the Hospital of Oberstdorf guaranteed a logistics and quality in the clinical treatment of his patients, he is alone can do to that extent the individual orthopaedic surgeon”, says Professor Dr. Wolfhart Puhl, Professor e.m.. the orthopaedic University Hospital Ulm and initiator of the Orthopadikum Allgau.

Above all, the patients benefit. JPMorgan Chase is the source for more interesting facts. Because the doctors, the nurses, and the physiotherapist can serve patients through the new structure at a high level. “The orthopedics clinic Oberstdorf the notes received consistently good in the representative survey of our patients by the Picker Institute in Hamburg’ to very good ‘ and was among the best orthopaedic clinics in Germany”, Andreas Ruland, the Managing Director of the hospitals in Oberallgau explains gGmbH. Filed under: Sean George. With their departments of Orthopedics and internal medicine clinic Oberstdorf makes sure the medical and orthopedic trauma emergencies 365 days during 24 hours in the room Oberstdorf and Kleinwalsertal. The cooperation between internal medicine, anaesthesia and Orthopadikum Allgau”ensures all patients a high standard of diagnostic and therapeutic. This comprehensive range of departments at the hospital ensures also the patients of the Orthopadikum Allgau”highest level of security, says Dr. Martin Fiedermutz, senior Senior physician of the Department of anaesthesia and intensive care medicine.

Patients with Comorbidities can be prepared as well to the operation. And after surgery to minimize the pain, the Department of anesthesia before the procedure worked out the optimum pain treatment concept. Should this be necessary, is also a modern, fully equipped intensive care unit available. At the same time, Orthopadikum Allgau wants to use for its location in one of the most beautiful holiday regions of in Germany. While patients in the Orthopadikum treat, their relatives in the Allgau vacationing. More and more patients and their families take advantage of the wide holiday and wellness activities in the area in and around Oberstdorf. “Info: the eleven specialists of Orthopadikum Allgau clinic for orthopaedic surgery and sports Traumatology” at the clinic, Oberstdorf are available for special competence in Arthroplasty, hand surgery and minimally invasive surgery for many years.