Though democracy allows changes. You chose the ‘ Status quo bias’. Usually only about 10% of all opportunities that you got paid, used by a complex text software, such as Word. Letting be the default setting (default effect) supplied by the manufacturer! One reason: as you know losses make twice un happy as profits we make happy us. My loss is any contract to negotiated, each change and each concession. However, my profit is any concession of my partner and each standard. We cling to the existing, even if it’s a disadvantage for us. Thus, positive thinkers are created (everything will go well thinkers). But no self-determined fighters! What I have I know that!” (pos. Know) something better comes to rare! (neg. Think) that uses the policy: they want to donate organs (default)? or want to donate any organs (default)? (Negative knowledge). The difference amounted to 40% in the United States. Try going over study. In Kitzbuhel, I met a first paraglider pilots in 1980. My question where you got that?”answered it with: anywhere, there are still no paragliding schools. I have observed the glider pilots in the United States and interviewed. Then I copied here.” I got a response about 1976 by surfers on the Wannsee. Had an container textbook invented of the container Malcom McLean? NO! There was then no. The huge financial cost of cargo loading but bothered him. He rationalized that successfully: problem solving! (Negative knowledge). Debits and credits. For years, the swaggering announcements in the conditional tense of American scientist annoy me. It serves only the raising of money. They say what they have done: strengths and achievements are exaggerated, what they want to do: sense of reality, but not what they have not done or what goals not reached them: cherry picking. So be also holiday catalogs made. Anecdotes of old men have the same task.