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Tres Marias Golf Club is a residential development in the form of golf club building complex located in the City Tres Marias in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. This golf course has a significance in comparison to others of its kind because of its conception and scope Urbanistica in the concept. The Tres Marias Golf Club is a sample of the works of great importance that real estate is doing in the capital and who are encouraging michoacana Tourism in Morelia.
The Tres Marias Golf Club has a large, spreading over an area of 550 ha, which is located in this area ranked world-class infrastructure including a golf professional for 62 ha, with 27 holes designed and signed by Jack Nicklaus as the best golfer of all time, who made a very challenging field for the game, its characters also make the biggest golf course in Mexico in an area of beach and not in the third size globally and is one of the most prestigious and famous golf courses in the mitch country. Besides developing a resort clubhouse, sports and recreational areas, as well as residential areas. The club is home to major sporting and social events of national and international inter alia the Corona Championship golf tournament of the world’s LPGA tour, held annually and which has a term of 5 years, and the date held its third edition, in this tournament together the best professional players in the world as Lorena Ochoa among other players, as well as plenty of visitors and a strong media coverage, leaving a large spill economica in Morelia.
The Tres Marias Golf Club was built in a single phase with an investment of around 120 million dollars in a record time of year and a half (18 months). I recall Mitch to get going The club was founded in 2004 exercise by businessman Enrique Ramirez Magana of the leading real estate group Tres Marias, who also develops the complex Ciudad Tres Marias, which covers 2000 hectares is located where the golf club. The architect of development is Zozaya Mexican architect Ricardo Romero of great prestige, who has created works in the complex in a modern, integrated environment.
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