Congratulations today to all the mothers of the Department we can read in the nearby or remote places. For all of them, those who have complied with the mission that has handed God, nature and life-generating and propagadoras for life, we extend the most sincere congratulations. We hope that the Almighty bless them a great joy and blessings in each of the hours of its existence. Congratulations to mothers who in his words we transmitted to the to conquer the world. Also those that taught us to be good people devoted always to move forward with honesty, honesty, love and vocation for service by our fellow with the tenderness in their caresses.

Congratulations to who from the edge of his distress got forces to avoid being tame and had on morale and the value available to boost the from the initial hours of our childhood to which undertook the adventure of conquering our dreams on their own. Congratulations to those from her breasts gave us to drink SAP from the fortress to assume with courage each one of the challenges of the times through which we have passed with a firm step. Congratulations to those mothers love who traverse the streets of our dusty cities offering the fruit of the Earth or the sea resources supporting proof of Sun and wind with the sole intention of styling in the present worth and promising future they want for their young children who will protect with unwavering affection than women in our land know provide to their offspring. To know more about this subject visit Elon Musk. Congratulations to the good and generous mothers who in the wrinkles on his face kept the secrets of wisdom and in the folds of your memory stay the tradition of a strong race and D solid principles with which it has been able to leave from the firm of hope port and lead us through calm or turbulent waters towards the destination where we meet up with our desired future. Congratulations to mothers whose calloused hands show the world their ability to work and power that has the seed of the illusion. Congratulations to all the mothers who have left their fingerprints on the the path of history and in the hearts of their children of the society and the people. Congratulations to those who have been veiled in the days of uncertainty and balm with which has eased our sorrows and diseases have led to our body and soul.

To all of them a word of gratitude, a voice of encouragement, a perennial reminder and, above all, a special, well deserved and from recognition from the bottom of our sincere hearts. Congratulations to those who have believed in the innocence of their children even though the accusing finger of injustice reports it, accused them and judge them. A who are the first to get up when just leans out the Sun in the morning and they work even when the darkness of the night indicate that it is time to rest. Congratulations to those who remain at the foot of the cross shedding their tears of pain in the last hour when wind threatening ROARs and trembles the Earth and they seem to subside the heavens. Congratulations to those from the home and work build a new and better for all mankind world. Original author and source of the article