But and when we saw one another car badly parked, occupying a vacant not allowed or under a prohibitive plate, what we think? Certainly we balance the head and we say baixinho: povinho impolite. Here it is then the law of the rights and duties desbalanceada. Two weights, two measures. By the way I cited here on parking in vacant not allowed for remembering the recent case of a cadeirante attacked for complaining that they had parked in a destined vacant its condition. Lamentable to have that to see, to hear and still to see this type of situation happening. Still in the field of our cars and its wonderful vacant, I do not tire to see people opposite parking in vacant of aged to the supermarket. All time that happens, I stop and I am alone waiting pra to see the age of the person who goes to leave the car. Not necessary nor to say that, in the great majority of the times, and the drivers who polish of the vehicle they would have age to be my children.

This everything is very sad therefore leaves in the mouth a taste much bitter taste of impunity. It will be necessary that if it creates a form of rigorous punishment so that this stops to happen? It would not be much more interesting that we could place in practical all the possible education and leave to act with this type of mesquinhez? Brazil is growing and if becoming a developed country. Much thing is improving and much thing still has that to improve. The times we find that it has much wrong thing happening in this our Brasilzo, and has exactly, however, we have that to have in mind that we can collaborate so that it has left of these things are solved from our attitudes. Nor all the solutions are at the hands of the governing. Many of the actions with educative matrix and serving of example for our small youth can be practised by us, mere mortals. It thinks about this and it looks for not to be part of the list badly humorada of horrible things of which we want distance and remembers: Balanced rights and duties. One I hug to all, We are on board.