It is racism and offensive discrimination to judge peole based on their skin color. a racism at its highest ideology by the Austrian Adolph Hitler (1889-1955), just save the Hyperborean blond. Go to patrick cummings for more information. Hitler’s admiration for the creator of Fascism, Benito Mussolini, Italian (1883-1945), (His granddaughter Alexandra Mussolini, is now a prominent politician in Italy) compared to Hitler blinded to the fact that Benedict was not exactly a fair Hyperborean and the other Italians? Apparently the second Ku kus Clan in the U.S. (since 1930), which was a member of Henry Ford, Sumo a more anti-immigrant slogan (Xenophobia) Italian immigrants branded ethnic Negroid. This Ku Kus Clan flying above all the supremacy of the white race and then xenophobia.

Racism to a level of ideology and science is not surpassed even today in Europe the British Professor Richard Lynn, a study published in the journal “Intelligence” of psychology (February 2010) in asserting that Southern Italians were less intelligent than the North, by the fact that they came from a mixture of races and the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa (which also suffered the invasion of the “Vandals”) . This is tantamount to saying that there is still a pure race Hyperborean would have their settlement in the Northern and Central Europe that would be the smartest in the world, like all the most gross mestizo peoples, including of course American. Them as “purebred” a would face a genetically impure people. The creator of the “bell curve (1970), was rebate by three Nobel Prize for Southern Italy, because” by nature, the mixing of races is a strong point in the evolutionary process “(Giornale City, bologna, Italy 17/02/2010 -). “These are remnants of Eurocentrism still present in the European Union? But it is possible to assume that Lynn led to its ultimate consequences of the English school psychology from Francis Galton (1822-1911) that second cousin Charles Darwin and unlike his predecessor did not study at the “University of Cambridge.” What is most felt in the present moment in Europe is a persistence of xenophobia, made strength and right political movements with the same intention of klu klus clan, in which the blame for social problems is the presence of immigrants on national soil, in the case of Italy (a country that people have been immigrants) the political right has been a polarization of the country with this dilemma, social problems and immigrants and a pitiful slogan to themselves: “poor little Italian,” before the simple passage of a foreigner. But surely all the world’s immigrants in the EU, those of Muslim origin are the most discriminated against, meaning that the old “cultural problem” Muslims and Christians “is still alive? a In the Bosnian war (1992-1995) many people were killed and even Muslim Origin could not enter the European Union a candidate country since 2005: Turkey, despite the recommendations of the North American and discriminated only when entering the EU are the Muslims of Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo . The innocent Latin America does not know about old problems of mankind as the so-called “Jewish question” religious wars “” colonialism “a” world wars “among others, but have inherited the discrimination characteristic of Western societies in As for race, economic hierarchy, viceroys, dictatorships, nationalism, marginal, which Europe itself is a witness, or the two Europes, because what you are currently taking towards Russia and the countries that were its allies?