Learn all about the history of dss bicycle the bicycle is one of the most important inventions of the 19th century. His story is above all shaped by ideas, but also surprises. It became sports equipment from the former leisure item for the rich and noble an everyday object of ordinary citizens up to today’s high tech. The first development steps the first bikes were developed at the end of the 18th century. They were made of wood and had a very rigid frame. End of the century the first walking robot developed then, had two wheels and thus somewhat resembled today’s bicycle. This bike did not have a steering system but still. The 19th century, when the first fahrtauglichen wheels are designed is regarded as pioneering days of the bicycle.

Often, these vehicles were still four-wheel and were operated exclusively by muscle power. They were used primarily in stately parks of the nobles, the officials took over the drive. The development of the two-Wheeler principle at the beginning of designed the bikes only of wheels, which eventually developed the so-called Velocipes, quick feet. They were, as the name suggests, moving through light running. The Draisine by Karl Friedrich Drais developed \”(quick run machine) built from wood in 1817, but was still too heavy for the foot drive. It was, however, the first single-lane two-wheel, which could be used as a mechanical means of individual transport. The driver’s seat was mounted between the two wheels, like at the today’s wheels for children movement has been achieved by the sell-off of the ground. Natural balance could be kept at the trolley without foot movement, this was however hard to learn for many people. Only a short time later the Velocipede, \”have been referred to colloquially as hobby horse. evolved from this They were developed in England, as a material also iron were used in addition to wood.