She tries to adapt to the modality of sex by same sex like immediate allowance and to boast in hypocritical speeches of the freedom acquired by previous ruptures. Which is the model? Copy to the man, who pretends happiness with his disposable and dissolute economy. Freud said can be loved the object like the protective father or the nutricia mother, can be loved in narcisista form (what one is, which one was, which is part one or what one wanted to be). It always left the woman of the side of the narcissism although it did not neglect that the woman chose to her object, sometimes like the protective father. The hysteria was feminine, to be made wish, desire of desire in loving triangles, to look for a master. If you are not convinced, visit Sotheby’s. But it seems that the clivaje of the society and the superficial culture of and the dismissable one are giving rise to a fatal mix-up: the solitude deteriorates. A boy learns of his mascot that is being alive, that must to take care of, that must feed, that will receive and give to affection is to commit itself with him, to take responsibility in some sense. To understand that it is not an inanimate toy.

Then so that ” adultos” they cannot accede to other types of bonds, with some commitment, with which inclusively to make symptom, so that no! perhaps by outside the fashion. The fashion that prevails is the one of the masculine social hysteria. Before the men were always for a servile sex, now fear to him to the advance of the woman who also alienates itself in her own desafectivizada modality. The woman is not the mother, is not puta, is not the barbie, is not the mascot, is not the car, is not minn so that the friend watches, IS NOT the WOMAN WONDER MESSED UP HAIR BY GOD! Neither the courteous love nor the modern libertinism whichever hill the later emptiness, is the undertow of a good drunkenness? We are taking from more or we would have to offer instead of emborachar itself? The French psychoanalysts maintain that always the woman when asking is doing it to a man in the name of her own father! That the woman asks today? The majority economic well-being! in a highly chauvinistic society. The sorts no longer speak still in the young generations but first ” tranza” and with luck in other appointments it is possible to be gotten to speak. Commitment is not spoken, does not have, does not have company, is not obtained social bow between sorts. Then two exits: or it is learned to only live, to blows to try, or new social resources are generated that generate bows between men and women. Which are? Neither friendship, neither laws of market, neither intimismo empty (the separatividad that spoke From), neither eltouch and go, nor the desperate daze. To begin to define what it is not would be a good beginning!