Over the last year very quickly into the film industry includes 3-D effects, putting a new era in the business of entertainment. It is in the business of entertainment, as has long been and forever videmo movie will be in business – a way of money on other people’s incomes for interessah and hobbies. It would seem that what may surprise even the creators of their cash movie fans? Indeed, over the last decade in this business were tried almost all ways of generating income and attracting visitors. Many of them have failed and ceased to act on the consciousness and interest in people. In connection with this multi-million budget of the film no longer justified. Every year more and more and more filmmakers are trying to zainteressovat us – ordinary moviegoers with new scenes and effects, but when it has recently ceased to be an amazing graphics than the supernatural.

And this is prevychnoe ‘Matrix’ situation does not affect the viewer. Came a kind of stagnation in ideas of new products, as well as in their creation. But then a miracle to replace the old utilitarian movie comes saving 3 D. The film begins now usual to attract the audience needed thanks to this postscript on the Billboard … Only more and more beginning to worry about this question – what will come up as the film industry titans when the 3-D effects will soon no one will be surprised.

A decoration of this technology is not incompetent Why do not represent the film does not bring the desired effect. Clash of the Titans, Shrek 4, How to Train Your Dragon, and several other projects due to the effects seen by the audience and begin to generate revenue for which they made. The recently released animated Shrek 4 is also replete with 3-D effects. That bring brightness to a rather simple plot. Shrek on which betting with an angry midget out of business. And during that falls as if would it at all and was not in the kingdom.