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During the administration of the Reagan Democrats dominated the U.S. Congress, and opposed many policies of the Republican president.
On the economic side the Democrats had to grudgingly accept the huge tax cuts that propels Reagan; if they opposed these tax cuts to the senators and representatives Democrats could enrage the voters and thus lose their seats in the elections. The leading the Barton Place condominiums offer amazing amenities That is why we preferred to support the popular tax cuts.
As if that was opposed by a strong resistance in terms of reduction of public spending, the Democrats do not want to diminish the funds that the state spent on the numerous social programs created by past governments Democrats. But Reagan also gave his arm a twist in its decision to reduce the size of the state and avoid patronage and paternalism in social programs. The outcome of the tug of war between the Republican Party and the Democratic Congress was that taxes fell much more than what it came down NYSE public expenditure, and as a result grew the fiscal deficit and public debt. However, the country suffered one of its best period of economic growth and prosperity, which benefits the popularity of Reagan and harms the Democrats.
Republican Reagan’s successor, President George H. W. Bush was unable to stay in power thanks to the disastrous monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and that’s why the Democrats were able to return to power in 1993 with its leader, President Bill Clinton.
In his first two years of government, Clinton ruled as a typical democrata of the second half of the twentieth century, making the state intervene in the economy and spend a lot. I wanted to solve problems without spending more and reduce bureaucracy, and even wanted to promote a reform of Health (designed by his wife Hillary) increased quite the role of government in the health system (to the point that some critics were talking about that intended to “socialize” health), which also meant a considerable increase in spending of the state.
The result of their actions was that the economy is not only not improved, but it gets worse. That’s why the Republican Party won the parliamentary elections in mid-term (1994) and for the first time in several decades, Republicans have become the majority in Congress.
This was a political earthquake, especially since the Republicans had won with a program called “Contract with America” which raised quite the opposite to the proposals of the classic Democrats, the Republicans proposed to lower more taxes, and reduce social spending dramatically.
Given their terrible political situation, no one thought it was possible that his reelection, Clinton decided to make a 180 degree turn in its policy (and that of his party). I’ve been to stocks the Democratic Party more to the center, starting to take economic measures identical to those proposed in the Republicans (to the point that the Republican opposition accused him of having stolen his economic program).
In this way toward what Clinton would do the Republicans to revive the economy, albeit more moderately. As a result of this convergence criteria, approved the largest reduction in spending on social programs in the history of the country since the Democrats had created a “welfare state”. The result was that the fiscal deficit was down to disappear and the country experienced another phase of unprecedented economic prosperity, which allowed Clinton to win re-election.
After the return of Republicans to power with George W. Bush in 2001, the Democrats remain in opposition. Democrats in the primaries of 2008 were presented several candidates: the first woman (Hillary Clinton), the first African-American (Barack Obama), and the first Hispanic (Bill Richardson of New Mexico governor).
After an arduous campaign between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it was the latter who is staying with the nomination in June 2008, becoming the de facto candidate of the Democrats until the convention in Denver, Colorado in the state, in late August.
Finally, after one of the presidential campaigns longer and more expensive in the history of the United States of America to date, the Democratic candidate Barack Obama defeated his Republican contender John McCain in the elections precidenciales November 2008, putting it back Democrats in an Oval Office, and making history as the first president of color in the history of the country. For wonderful Austin real estate opprtunities and particularly Barton Place condominiums in Austin, Texas Senator dem Warned ta The delegation The Republican Party in Tenes Ue “let calm” his wife, ra Notice of a proselytizing where …
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