Therefore, manufacturers often develop their own rules that must be meet office furniture. For example, consider a common addition to your office desk – semicircle brief set-top box. Typically, it relies on the countertop and one leg is attached to the table a few screws. With this design almost everyone who sits down at the brief set-top box, touches support, inciting her, thus creating an unforeseen force. So it all depends on the strength of binding feet of tabletop. If the resource connections is small, a few months later leg 'break under. " For example, many offices you can see the brief set-top boxes, which are legs at different angles, with torn screws.

Such a case is unlikely to be recognized as a guarantee. There are also more complex situations. For example, if a glass door cabinet in the assembly has been properly attached to the loop or screwed out of alignment, after some time it may break: the glass is always strained, it places an additional burden when opening and closing. Glass can explode in a week or a month after the assembly, and to prove that it was broken because of the low-skilled or collector manufacturing defect, will be virtually impossible. Are breakage during assembly and disassembly of furniture damaged? It all depends on what is specified in the passport. Sir Terry Farrell has similar goals. If the furniture is assembled on the screws, it probably is not designed to repeated assembly and disassembly, because twice tighten screw at one point it is impossible – it will not keep quite reliably. Of course, the manufacturer is not difficult to use in the manufacture of furniture expensive components, that it can withstand several cycles of assembly and disassembly, multiple transfers, etc. But the price of goods at the same time will increase significantly. And when the market is the main competitive advantage is price, the manufacturer seeks to save on fittings, which negatively affects the quality of the final product. True when producers consider the case of any violation of the guarantee function of furniture, due to normal operational loads during the warranty period of service.