Questico AG: Sensitive consultants advise on partnership, work and happiness in life Berlin June 2010. A reliable and professional assistance in all matters of life offers the telephone counseling of Questico AG: more than 2,500 tested and selected according to strict criteria of quality consultants help people with concerns and questions in all walks of life with sensitive advice, practical advice and loving, individual attention. This assistance can be also burdensome problems resolved and overcome difficult stages of life. The methods of Questico AG are manifold: cards, Tarot, astrology, but also clairvoyance, channeling and the media contact to angels that are the tools with which the advisors of Questico actively are others concerns, and questions of all kinds to the page. The questions, which are taken to the advisors of Questico are just as varied as the methods. In focus are often problems in the partnership, jealousy and Mistrust, but also questions about professional development. Other questions in turn affect the range of personal needs and concerns; be it the loss of a loved one, a beaten-down general mood or the fear of drastic life changes. All mean is that they can be discussed at Questico.

The advisors of Questico have large experience in the counseling and adjust individually to every people. No one should be ashamed of his questions, all issues can be raised at Questico. Questico consultants help it out fast and purposeful: a consulting is first heard the man with his concerns and then worked on the backgrounds of the question or the issue and explained and finally the consultant explains how the questioner can free himself of his burden. Difficult processes can be sure by further subsequent discussion that the desired effects are really hit. The astrology Here, working primarily with horoscopes, which one allow inference on the nature and the systems of people or partners. More astrological analysis concern according to Questico, however, current and future periods, so that also forecasts for future events can be made. The Tarot or Tarot reader, the advisors of Questico AG use a different effect: the Tarot cards that cover our unconscious questions, desires and conflicts on the experienced Tarot-deuter interprets them for the Inquirer, thus explaining his situation and presents possible solutions.

Psychics and media in turn embark with and without AIDS on a kind of spiritual journey and come directly to findings that explain his situation the questioner and show him how he can improve it. The fact is: it can be helped everyone at Questico AG via an empathetic and yet practical approach to the advisors of Questico. The Questico AG company portrait Questico AG was out of a simple idea born: to bring together seeking advice and advice givers. Within a very short time, this idea evolved into what today is loving and professional counseling Questico. Around 2,500 consultants are currently around 1.2 million users by phone, chat and email at Questico AG 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to assist. They help users with concerns around the topics of love, partnership, occupation, and well-being.