Functionality and features of the universal information system "KIS Lack look at the cut features popular configurations "1C: Small Business Management 8." In a single information database maintained: * Buyers suppliers, employees and contacts * banking and cash operations * payments to contractors and the budget; * records of raw materials, goods, commodities, insurance and expenses * Accounting orders, sales operations, including Retail sales * records of work performed and services rendered; * calculation of the planned and actual cost of finished goods and semi-finished * registration of property, plant and equipment, income, expenses, gains and losses, capital, and the like. The system allows the mind to plan and control: * sales of products and services * load the key company personnel and company resources * shipping and receipt of goods, raw materials, materials, plant and equipment; execution plans * Sales Representatives Procurement, Sales, * have "elements" of effective money management company * special set of reports to the head allow you to quickly and conveniently receive the most important and relevant information on key areas and indicators of the company, which helps to identify in a timely manner or negative growth dynamics of firms * program can be used for several independent companies and entrepreneurs, working within the same or different business. The activities in which it is possible beneficial use of the system: Program can be used to automate the management accounting service, commercial and industrial companies, small businesses. For example, companies such areas as: rental * Business Publishing * Information Technology; * Wholesale and retail trade, security services * * intermediary services, including insurance * the supply of goods, products, materials and equipment; * production, including catering * advertising and design * services companies, service centers and the like.