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Currently, we live social and productive transformations that the service of the man places considered resources and possibilities until then utopian. The world is each time more dynamic e, in this context, to rethink concepts if becomes inevitable and necessary in relation our choices and position while educators. The pertaining to school environment is not […]

Professional Career Choice

To be optimum in what it makes is not a seven animal to cabear is enough to feel pleasure in what it makes and all will come you to the remaining portion in gold trays. (Gustavo Thayllon) To trace goals for minor who is always is a point indispenssavel that you will exactly thank itself […]

Sociological Method

By means of a great number of interviews congregated in its workmanship it can be understood as the pioneers of the movement had come to congregate themselves around the ideal that consisted of creating a type of total national filmografia. Continuing with the proposal to congregate in this research arcabouo theoretician I validate, that it […]

Geometry Education

The education of geometry in Projovem Field To know of the Land: analysis of an experience under the point of view of the professor of the subject to flooding town in Frei Paulo/SE Jose Mrcio Dos Santos Federal University of Sergipe Summary This objective work to investigate practical pedagogical of the professor of Matemtica (PROF) […]