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Legal Science

A New Paradigm for Legal Science the system notion always existed for the man, despite intuitivamente, vide the wild man who, making use of the system notion, created referenciais of order to compose its myths and to promote the occupation of the spaces (LIEBER, 2011). However, in century XX it only is that the teorizaes […]

The Research

In sight of this the agreement of the doctrine is pacific where the social function of the contract is a modern principle that comes to add itself to the classic principles of the contract, the insertion of the contract in the social environment, makes possible a bigger control of the activity of the parts, in […]


Currently, we live social and productive transformations that the service of the man places considered resources and possibilities until then utopian. The world is each time more dynamic e, in this context, to rethink concepts if becomes inevitable and necessary in relation our choices and position while educators. The pertaining to school environment is not […]