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– Some companies present the speech of the serving leadership, but in the practical one they have heads in the traditional model. Which are the possible solutions: – For incredible that he seems its head does not consider that its system generates fear or that it is joke reason; – Its head needs to know […]

Education Pupils

Art. 53 says that: The child and the adolescent have right to the education, aiming at to the full development of its person, preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and qualification for the work. However, this did not occur with Eduardo, in contrast, it was ‘ ‘ afastado’ ‘ of the pertaining to school […]

Business Plan The

Business Plan The business plan also called business plan is a document that specifies, in written language, a business that intends to start or already started. It outlines the overall purpose of a business, including topics such as business model, the organization chart, the source of initial investment, the necessary personnel along with their method […]