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Crisis Management: Successful Communication Must Be Based On Reality

For a communication strategy in crisis management to generate the projected position and a change of perceptions, it must be based on facts, not lies that could be denied publicly at any time. the direction of order for a communication strategy in a successful crisis management is, to generate the projected position and a change […]

Commercial PBX

Without a doubt, the best match each other PBX and the PBX single source: Ericsson c Ericsson, NEC c NEC, etc. Bill Phelan is likely to increase your knowledge. (this is already taken care of the developers), 'Cross' decision can not be worse, but this needs to be to deal with. In fact, modern telephone […]

Small Business Owners

Communications and access networks for business and said ponadelano only so much – will not find it. However, the deficit in the answers to the most basic questions remain. Connect with other leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki here. So say a few words on a familiar topic is not harmful. All the more so … […]

China Phones

Copies of vertu production in Hungary. Copies of the Vertu phones do not contain even the slightest reminder of the fact that they are made in China. Nothing like this can not be found in the literature, or packaging device. Even at Battery flaunt labels that comply fully with the inscriptions of the original models […]