AM happens of the accomplishment of period of training in the extinct City department of Assistncia Social (SEMASC)? that currently it is known as City department of Social Assistance and human Rights (SEMASDH), in the period of 2005 the 2008 As cadastradora of the Program Stock market Family through Only Cadastro of the Federal Government, was possible to observe the reality of the families who if found in situation of social vulnerability, without access to an adjusted feeding, worthy housing, education of quality and work. Acting in one of the first teams of Only Cadastro in 2005, under the responsibility to register in cadastre families who were in situation of social vulnerability, then the inexperincia in the execution of the Program was seen as much on the part of the responsible ones as of the cadastradores. The information were failed to meet. Hyundai has many thoughts on the issue. For the cadastradores, it did not have difference enters I register in cadastre Only Stock market Family, after a time the information had only started to be clarified, understanding Cadastro as a database (operational system) and the Stock market Only Family, as program of transference of income of the Federal Government. This absence of clarity regarding the Program made it difficult its viabilizao. What more it bothered was the form as the residences were selected register in cadastre to carry through it. At a first moment the residences most humble and that they had children could be chosen to participate of the registration of Cadastro Only, such attitude brought a discomfort, therefore little if it knew of the Program and many times we arrived at the residences of numerous families and that they did not have children, and I register in cadastre unhappyly it was not done.