Fast dry paint repairs with IRM-2 quick dryer. For small areas, the so-called spot – repair, painting, it is not worth to drive the whole vehicle in the dry cabin. Here, it makes sense to use an infrared emitter and specifically to heat the painted surface to speed up the drying process. Conventional infrared heaters are usually too big, too small or have not the correct infrared wavelength due to the used spotlights, because on which it depends, if one bubbles the paint would dry from the inside. Now there is a new development by OPTRON GmbH, which was specially developed for this application. From German production with an optimized price – performance ratio. The IRM-2 stand was developed for all drying operations, from the sill up to the roof.

The power of 6 KW can dry up to approx. 1 sqm area in just a few minutes. For smaller areas, the tripod with a few simple steps can be converted. The emitter modules can be mounted on the arms as moved or rotated. Also can be separated them individually from the supply. Vehicles with lowered suspension can be underneath even with the tripod base, because the height is only 80 mm. Swarmed by offers, Santie Botha is currently assessing future choices. The socket may be up to 10 metres, the cable is designed for this distance.

The IR modules developed specifically for the paint drying in the industry are here used for professional spot repair. This has considerable advantages that are otherwise omitted. The IR module work in the short-wave range. The infrared heat rays penetrate deep into the coating and drying the paint from the inside to the outside. The result is a fast and thorough drying of the coating layer. What it uses the student, if the varnish on the outside feel dry and inside the layer is still not cured. Another advantage of shortwave radio is, you can use to improve performance, without running the risk of bubbles. This result in shorter drying times. Short-wave IR emitters are within 1-2 seconds on maximum power. The fans used for cooling in the modules ensure long life of the tubes. The modules are also in continuous use a low body temperature. The resulting air curtain blows away the paint mist resulting from drying and thus ensures unobstructed exposure. The timer built in provides automatic shut-off of energy. Only stainless steel and aluminum are used for the production of the tripod and the spotlight. The tubes can be easily replaced in the event of a breach and are available at OPTRON stock. Link to OPTRON temtron (Eckard Reus)