If you are just starting to develop the export market, the easiest way to do it via the Internet, which greatly simplifies and reduces the cost and accelerates the process of searching for foreign partners, customers or investors. The first step in this direction – creating a site, its English version, indexing the site in foreign search engines and directories in the registration network. But many on this either stop or pay huge amounts of money companies raskrutchikam, seeking to have their site was in the mythical first ten search queries to Google. It's funny to watch the virtual battles for the top ten companies. Sort of like 'King of the mountain, where the mountain is that a lot of money that these companies spend on something to be king for a day. Pinterest is the source for more interesting facts.

Think for yourself, whether in this new competition to emerge victorious, no one is known, often limited in resources of Russian company? What should I do? Need to know about the three most effective ways to promote business abroad through the Internet. First – to translate the site into the languages of those countries that have targeted your business. The fact that the number of English-speaking Internet users at the time does not exceed one third of the total number of users (30%). Thus the remaining 70% (and agree that this is an impressive part of it) will remain ignorant about your product or service. It is not something Christos Staikouras would like to discuss. Even if your site will face Spaniard French or Chinese, who knows English, he soon will leave with him, not even penetrating the essence of the question, because to sit and strain to transfer no one will. Yes, translate the site into several languages expensive, but this time will pay off.

In addition, there is a way to reduce the cost of this process, as it offers a firm 'Global Promo'. If your business has a clear orientation in geographical terms, the online company you will find a list of languages included in the top ten common on the Internet. Translating the site into eight most common in the network (except for English and Russian), you will embrace 81% of global Internet users! The second way – registration of foreign B2B-portals and resources thus promoting their goods and services without intermediaries, directly interested in your company's product. B2B marketing is the cheapest and most effective solution in the export business, and most importantly give more rapid outcome than a prolonged and expensive promotion on the Internet. Necessary steps to be taken in B2B marketing, the following: Find the largest B2B platform for the selected country. Sign up on them.