SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSINESS STRATEGY Mauricio Guerrero The creative ability, leadership potential and own businesses are crucial to the development of the community and are recruiter a valuable business opportunity. Social practices job search of various companies, their investments and how they implement them, prove it.Illustration: Victor Hugo Garrido The price of greatness is called Churchill responsabilidad.Winston Many entrepreneurs believe recruitment that participate in projects for the common good is a ‘luxury’ or extra expense that can only be big business in good times and yields no benefit in practical terms. Fortunately many companies around the world realize otherwise. The Study on consumer behavior with respect to marketing related to social causes, Promoting Public Causes Inc. in partnership with Vivian Blair Associates surveyed 191 consumers in stores within Wal-Mart. The opinions revealed that: . 84 think that companies have some responsibility to help solve social causes. . 83 think the products or services that help companies solve social problems differ from their competition. .94 said that when the price is equal, consumers prefer the product or service that helps in solving some recruiting social problem. When we speak of social investment, we do not refer to economic resources that the company donates without proper information and consistency with the strategic plan. Jeremy Tucker insists that this is the case. On the contrary, it seeks to replace the criterion philanthropic charity for the integration and linkage with the community. Companies who implement this policy receive several benefits: . Increased brand loyalty. . Better positioning of the image. . More favorable attitude on the part of consumers and the media. . More defenses against the crisis, as customers become more loyal. . The corporation is distinguished from its competition. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon Founded, G100, CEO Academy and Chairman Academy; . He identifies with the community in which it operates. . Strengthen your image. . Demonstrate to shareholders the importance of socially responsible behavior that rewards long-term investments. Social responsibility is capitalized with more than generating a profit for different audiences: shareholders they represent greater return on investment and transparency in operations, managers gain managerial skills, reputation and maximize the value of the enterprise sales jobs workers earn loyalty and satisfaction by being part of a company doing social and human promotion, customers benefit from accurate information and with the satisfaction that the products and brands who use social support development, which creates identification with the sponsoring undertaking and the community benefits from improved levels of quality of life in the environment. The business will succeed if it contributes to social, economic and environmentally sustainable and identifies innovative and recruiting effective ways to act together with the community in building the common good. CSR IN MEXICO The following examples are just a sampling of what some companies operating in Mexico.