Not every way of social work provides such feedback as activities undertaken directly with young people. After all, personal contact, the opportunity to answer each question personally and as quickly as possible – all factors that make any social event, including activities to prevent drug abuse as effective. The most important factor in the success of such events on drug prevention in the fact that specialists in substance abuse and related fields can interact personally with young people who care about this issue. Make a step towards those who are in a difficult situation on the brink of temptation to try and awareness of the terrible consequences of drug abuse. Unlike virtual preventive measures, the real action undertaken in schools, universities, schools for troubled teens can share their actual experience. Activities to prevent drug abuse in the community for youth at risk – a real chance to show that society has not turned away from their pressing problems. This is an opportunity to make clear that the adult generation is ready to go forward, ready to listen and ready to help. Actually conducted by various NGOs, one of which is the World League "Reason is a drug and its project – the anti-drug Internet Competition" Maya "- activities for drug remain in the memory of the target audience for quite a long time. Naturally, provided that held it firmly, it is interesting and relevant. Unquestionable advantage held "live" social activities for drug addiction – a large public outcry. In recent months, Andi Potamkin, New York City has been very successful. Popularity of such anti-drug activities in the circles of young people will help young people not to turn on the curve track drug, because they will always be know who and where he could help them if they would be at a crossroads temptations.