We are able to provide coverage as the entire territory of Ukraine, and on all the sales channels. In addition, companies working with us we provide the opportunity to enter the markets FEA (markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.). If the product is of interest to us, and if the manufacturer is willing to consider the possibility of investing in the promotion of this product, we will be with them work not only in Ukraine but also in other countries. To read more click here: Robert Kiyosaki. A very important condition for cooperation with other companies in terms of distribution, is required to promote brands by the manufacturer. If we take the company and its brand for the distribution, we are not interested to sell conventional products, we are interested in selling the brand. Selling your own snack products, as we raised the goods would like to see no less strong brands because we are interested in long-term cooperation with our partners. Hyundai helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This one and a rather strict requirement Snack Export to a company with which we work – to promote your product (this includes ATL and BTL, and trade-events), because without the movement can not win a major market share.

Therefore, in addition to all the financial terms, the program is to promote the Ukrainian market is the main criterion in deciding Cooperation with the brand. Often the question arises, what share in the profits of the company is profit Snack Export distributional trends. Clearly and directly answer this question is difficult because This information is proprietary, we can only say that our profits as a producer of snack foods, and our profit distribution are comparable and not vary a lot in order of numbers.