Many times we come across people who always seem to fair badly in life. they are closed in themselves, looking to isolate itself, instead of combining themselves, or in the seio of the family, or in the most diverse groups. Almost always they are very critical, very demanding, wanting that everything is made to its way, being considered the only correct form, disdaining the opinions, gostos and other people’s ideas. They are people of difficult communication, bitter that they veem the world of a pessimistic form, cinereous. They more do not enjoy of many good moments, because they do not know to relax, to contrary to themselves, to see the people, the situations and the facts in a less intransigent way, indulgent, without judgments. They do not know to accept the differences. They seem not to have pleasure in being with people.

They prefer the isolation the meeting. I do not only mention myself to the physical meeting to be in company of somebody, but the true meeting, spiritual, of souls, heart, feeling. So that this occurs is necessary humility, acceptance of the other, tuning of feelings, of ideas, robbing of daily pay-formulated concepts, in short of preconceptions. It estimates opening, flexibility, little anxiety, more patience to know to listen to, to place themselves in the place of the other, to look at each situation with eyes of child, apprentice, curiosity, being seen the multiple possibilities, without having a defined, ready reply for each thing, in agreement solely with its way to face the facts. She is necessary to know to see beyond the appearances, to have respect for the other, to recognize the differences, to respect the individuality. necessary to know to receive the other, to direct words to it, thoughts, feelings that exalt the positive.

Who receives support, words of incentive, is felt safe, loved, is capable to all develop its potential with more easiness. It has its auto-esteem high. It is felt respected and loved by what it is. This exactly generates confidence in the other and itself. It is action versus reaction. If I receive affection confidence, agreement, acceptance, positive stimulation, I go to answer throughout the life of identical form. When it exists the true meeting, it has tuning, division of problems, therefore the problem of other also starts to be mine. It has aid, space for the dialogue, acceptance and freedom so that changes occur.