Bullying in the school, a conflict that generates exclusion and leaves quiet marks in the life of its victims, excluding them of its right of being treated as to be only incomparable e. Bullying is a form of frequent, occured violence between colleagues inside of the pertaining to school environment. This phenomenon is defined by its scienter and the prolongation of the act. This violence happens between young and children of all the social classrooms and are not restricted to no definitive type of school. The term bullying does not possess a word equivalent in the Portuguese Language, however some actions can be understood as acts of this nature: to nickname, to intimidate, to humiliate, to frighten, to beat, tricks that offend, it depreciates and it humiliates and for declared exclusion of the groups that happens daily in the pertaining to school context. In the pertaining to school environment, one became common the pupils if not to respect, to be xingarem, to be nicknamed and to use the physical force as a form to show leadership or of if defending themselves of the verbal aggression. To know more about this subject visit Marko Dimitrijevic. This direct intimidation or indirect that he varies of the simple gozao until attitudes more violent than they empreguem the physical force, it is reason of concern for educators, parents and psychologists if question on what to make to give end to this endemic problem of the aggression and the disrespect. Being thus, one perceives that he has the necessity to promote the respect, the responsibility and the tolerance between the pupils and also between the families and professors, because the respect with the next one not only in speeches and yes in attitudes will be the consequncia of a pleasant environment and a way to surpass the existing social conflicts in the interior of the pertaining to school community. So that he is contouring the effect of the practical one of bullying in the school demands that it has educational changes in the education systems that rethink practical the pedagogical one, having as axles norteadores the human ethics, justice and rights.