The unction of the Espirito Santo operates in us the measure that we use the name of Jesus as authority. – 12 – XI? PREPARING the PEOPLE TO BE YOU FREE the people who they will be needing release, will have to be invited to participate of preparative meetings. These meetings, will make with that the people if prepare for its releases obeying the following orientaes: to 1.Freqentar Biblical educations If the person to be frees will be made use to frequent the Meetings of educations Biblical, this will help and demonstrate in its desire of release. To banish demonic espritos from people who do not desire release, the times will result in worse situations. It is certifyd first of that the person to be frees, desires if to free. (Similarly see: Walmart).

to 2.Quebrar the contacts with mdiuns If the person will be involved with mdiuns, is necessary that all contact is interrupted. It sees Lv to 19,31 and Zc 10.2. She also observes, if the person is involved with magicians of love, hatred etc. If it is using some type of ring, necklace or amulet. (Amulet: it is a type of used object against bad luck for superstitious people). (Talisman: A type of object that if it judges to provide good luck).

In positive case, it removes and it speaks brazenly everything on behalf of Mr. Jesus with a conjunct with the person together. to 3.Destruir articles of witchcrafts With the person conscientious and duly determined, has guided it, so that same it destroys all the articles of witchcrafts as for example: bracelets, rings of the feet (as the Africans) made of fine rubber, leached ashes, laces in the pulses, arms, ankles, legs and the diaphragm, and also dolos. to 4.Renunciar everything what to be freed person will be pecaminoso Part it, to make a conjunct of I resign to everything what Co 4.2 will be pecaminoso II. to 5.Receber the Salvation Is necessary that the person during the release process, either taken the Christ for guarantee of the release. In case that it does not want, she shows for it the risk that is occurring in agreement Lc 11.24-26. to 6.Memorizar Biblical versicles In the first meeting of preparation with the people to be you free, will proceed the identification with fulfilling from data, orientaes necessary, and the distribution of following Biblical versicles, for memorization during the period of release.