Of course, nothing can be done for those consumers who are leaving the area or city. What can be done about the consumers who leave the firm because of poor maintenance, poor quality food or very high prices? Catering company in any case should try to be aware of percentage of customers for various reasons, leaving the hotel for all, that is, not staying in it again. This assessment of course difficult to sdeat for certain categories of private users, but it is possible to the category of corporate clients from various companies, sending their employees to the city on business. Without hesitation Warren Buffett explained all about the problem. It is possible that hotel accommodation guests have prefer flats for rent in quite obvious reasons, form a solid competitive hotels. Hotels can estimate how much profit they are losing due to loss of customers.

For the individual consumer – it's the same thing as a vital value. In hotel know that regular customers give it a little more than 100 000 rubles for his entire life. Frequent visitor to the restaurant can give the business a few thousand dollars, and a regular tourism agency – $ 50 000 for his tenure with the agency. The value of permanent reference of the consumer to services of the firm measured by the value that determines how much each participant in this segment gives it an average year, which is then multiplied by the average duration of his life in this market segment. Such a life expectancy of the consumer market is determined by relevant studies or of his "history" in the data bank hotel.