Real Madrid, one of the teams most outstanding and renowned European football thanks to its 31 la Liga Championships, is in search of hiring the most appropriate player to replace Gonzalo Higuain, who will remain outside approximately four to six months because the operation for a herniated disc that was subjected on 11 January. Absence as sensitive as the Higuain, Madrid has handled several important names as possibilities to take the place of the front. The first of these is a former merengue, Dutchman Ruud Van Nistelrooy, who campaigned with Los Blancos from 2006 to early in the previous year, when he was hired by the Hamburg of Germany. During that period, the Dutch participated in 68 games and scored 46 goals. Van Nistelrooy is a player who has vast experience within European football.

Before your first step to Real Madrid, the Dutch had already consolidated in football for his country during its first 8 years of career and then had an important period of 5 years with Manchester United, with which came to score 150 goals in 219 games. Van Nistelrooy not had much presence at the end of his era merengue, which was mainly caused by multiple injuries that walked away from the tennis courts on several occasions. However, Real Madrid is aware of its capacity by which considered it as the first choice to replace Higuain, news that it was gratefully received by the Dutch. However, the Dutchman with the Hamburg contract expires until June of this year and the German team has no intention of letting him go before time. Therefore, Real Madrid immediately resorted to contact the Argentine Carlos Tevez as a second option. Tevez is certainly another great figure from international football.

Argentine striker was started as a professional at sixteen in the Boca Juniors from the first Division Argentina, where it remained for fourth seasons in which recorded 26 goals in 75 games and earned the title of the opening Championship, Cup Libertadores and International Cup in 2003 and the Copa Sudamericana in 2004. Then he also had a brief stint in Brazilian football with Corinthians helping win the Brasileirao Serie A championship in 2005 before being seduced by the English football. In the Premier League, the front began with a season at West Ham United to then go to Manchester United, where was crowned champion of the Premier League in two seasons that formed part of the team. With the Red Devils also won the Champions League in the 2007/08 UEFA, the Club World Cup of FIFA 2008 among other titles. From July 2009 the Argentine went to Manchester City and although it has not achieved any title with this team, boasts a record of 37 annotations in 55 matches. Tevez has expressed his desire to change the team, a point in favor of the Madrid. The negative part of the negotiation is that whites want to Tevez as a loan and the high sum of EUR 40 million that the City is asking for the front. The good time for the What’s happening Tevez at Manchester City makes it see as the best option of Madrid to cover the position of Higuain. Other names that have come to light but have been discarded by the meringues are Emmanuel Adebayor, Miroslav Klose and Nelson Valdez. Real Madrid is in a strong dispute by moving to the top of the Spanish League Barcelona, so it must take a decision soon in order to have greater options to achieve its objective, since the market of passes is closing on 31 January.