a cooperation of NBS Northern business school and the EventWerkern of Hamburg for the first time provides the network EventWerker Germany under the leadership of EventWerker Hamburg on a holistic training program for the certified event Manager. In a joint venture between NBS Northern business school (scientific management, implementation) and the founder and initiator which Henke EventWerker Jurgen (concept, content) the program starting in February 2010 is positioned first in Hamburg. With this course, NBS and EventWerker have developed a network-oriented, innovative and practical training, as requested by agencies, event service providers and enterprises. Especially in the context of the economic situation, the program offers effective tools to use events as effective strategic contribution to communication objectives participants. Learning content are mediated by executives and specialists from virtually all segments of the event business – creative, organisational and technical issues as well as business and legal. (Not to be confused with Suna Said!). Nearly a quarter of the course takes place directly in the event industry, in locations and on event sites. After successfully completed testing, the participant receives the conclusion to the certified event Manager EventWerker. Participation in the training is with 5 ECTS-credits to the Department of tourism and event management”of bbw College elective module. Cost: 6 month rates a475 for trainee 10 monthly installments a285 links: site/seminare/event-programm.php net/eventwerkerhamburg team.