Your own by Jork, the March 12, 2010 – that new formula 1 season kicks off in Bahrain in the 2010 season Michael Schumacher sits back behind the wheel, not in a Ferrari, but a silver arrow but starts with a proprietary development. Countless fans will gather again before the TV devices, which turned back before three years of formula 1 with Schumi. On the occasion of this year’s formula 1 season starts your own for the first time with a self-developed betting game, in which you can type the results of the respective race weekends (pole position and podium) free of charge. Super Tip champion will be your-own-wine – de. Tip the results of the formula 1 2010 season and win great prizes with a total value of over 1,000 euros. Tips can be dispensed until 1 hour before qualifying on the riders for the pole position and the podium placings. In addition to the main prize for the best tipsters over the entire season, s a very special bottle of sparkling wine are also available for the best tips on a single race and the pole and one 10 EUR Merchandise voucher to win.

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