Standards for Environmental Management LAW 1124 2007 Business Through regulating the practice of Environmental Manager. Article 1. The Environmental Management is a career college level, which aims to manage, monitor, control, exercise authority, exert control and influence the overall system consisting of natural and artificial elements of physical, chemical, biological, sociocultural and their interrelationships, in permanent modification links by human action or natural or conditions governing management the existence or development of life. Paragraph. Vocational training in Environmental Management may be offered under the terms and distance education. ARTICLE 2. May be granted only to innovation the Professional Council of Environmental Management, a professional license to practice as Environmental Manager in the territory of the Republic, who: a) Have obtained a professional diploma in Environmental Manager Higher Education Institution officially recognized, with qualified register the program, awarded by the Ministry of National Education, b) Those with Environmental Manager professional title obtained abroad, for the validity of title professional for this purpose shall be governed by the requirements of the Law 962/05, Decree Resolution 2230/03 and 5547/05. Paragraph. Once completed the requirements of subparagraphs training a) and b) of this section, professionals dealing with the first article shall register with the Professional Council of Environmental Management, the entity that issued by skills the respective professional card. ARTICLE 3. For legal purposes means practice Environmental Manager, the application of scientific know-how in the following activities: a) Promote policies and environmental improvement programs at local, regional and national levels b) Advise and collaborate with communities in natural customer service resource management, c) Designed and coaching manager plans that lead to biodiversity conservation, d) Advising the industry in managing its resources e) To guide local authorities in planning, planning, organization, execution and control plans that lead to environmental improvement f) Develop plans with community members aimed at the conservation, preservation, restoration and habitat mitigation for present and future g) Participate in the execution of projects designed to solve environmental problems at the h) involved and committed professional in the scientific community i) Select and manage human resources in the preparation of environmental impact studies, environmental impact assessments that are proposed in different infrastructure projects and development required by the environmental authorities. ARTICLE 4. The Professional Council of Environmental Management to process the professional registration of Environmental Administrator, shall require the following conditions: a) being a Colombian national in realization of citizens or foreigners resident in the country, in leaders which case, prior to the relevant application for enrollment , must approve the title in accordance strategy with current regulations on the subject, b) Prove the title of Environmental Manager as enshrined in section a) of Article II of the present law. ARTICLE 5. The conformation of the Professional Council of Environmental Management, will be regulated by the national government within six months following the enactment of this Act. ARTICLE 6.