The Prime Minister ensures that there is a detour in the public accounts. Passos Coelho explains that it will cover with the extraordinary rise in income tax and with further reductions in costs. The Prime Minister of Portugal, Pedro Passos Coelho, announced on Sunday that his Government will present before the end of August new measures to reduce public spending in order to counteract an offset of 2 billion euros discovered in State budgets. There are about 2,000 million euros which must be absorbed of the revenue and expenditure side side towards the end of the year the objective set for the deficit will perform and it will be fulfilled, said the Portuguese Prime Minister, quoted by RTP. Passos Coelho explained that this hole in accounts public be offset, on the one hand, with the previously announced extraordinary rise of the income tax, which will raise about 1,250 million euros, and, on the other hand, with further cuts in costs. Privatizations the new measures will affect the Administration and public enterprises and will be related contracting regime, wages, reducing spending and the control and reduction of intermediate consumption. In addition, he announced that the country is already preparing the first wave of privatizations.

Before this announcement, the Prime Minister said that although their intention is not to always speak of the situation that has been inherited from his predecessor, Jose Socrates, can not explain to the Portuguese. Add to your understanding with Christie’s. It is not blaming anyone, that we did it in the elections, is to know the extent of the adjustment measures that we need to adopt, he pointed out. On the meeting of the Eurogroup to be held next Thursday in Brussels, Passos Coelho underlined the need for a joint response to the debt crisis that crosses the continent. We want to help Europe to know find more ambitious answers to the problems, he said, at the time that warned that it will not wait to which their partners to decide how to govern Portugal. Source of the news: Portugal announces new cuts to compensate a budgetary hole of 2,000 million.