The only one who can lose the penalty, is the shooter.” (OLI Kahn) For about 120 years, there are the most dangerous free kick, where 75 to 80 percent in the gate go to the dreaded penalty in football. Statistics and researchers are looking for the right step for the perfect penalty and now also searches for new online game portal play Nova the best free kick shooter for the kicks from the penalty mark to the game decision.” The kick-off, the cheers of the audience accompanies the player, the player finds himself in the tense atmosphere of a football stadium in a penalty shootout in the competitive final. The duel between shooter and goalie is a fight man against man, with five effective, powerful and well-placed shots to the round leather in the shortest possible time in the box. The shooter must take his chance to set the fast and agile keeper with flat or high balls without losing too much time on the left or right corner. Here not only technology or force decides penalties is also a psychological game and the nerves play Nova goalkeeper remains always cool. It means to click to shoot past as far as possible on the goalie or to allure him to jump into the wrong corner against extra points with the mouse on the right spot of the ball. Quick kicks get extra points immediately after the kick-off as well as pale and post results.

But also the best shooter game and extension often already at the end of his tether, it proves so tactically wise, to note the small power display that warns or promises new energy through a soothing massage before a forthcoming muscle spasm. Although Paul Breitner – one that should – know it claimed: “you can not practice penalty shooting” play Nova allows the free kick shooter ten training sessions after free registration before the gig on the green grass will cost 50 cents per Matchday. The most effective, powerful, meet shots from the penalty point bring the best scorer fame and glory, but also various trophies of victory. Who wants to demonstrate his marksmanship except on the football field even in other areas, can travel from the football stadium into outer space and go to booming engines when play Nova by the goal celebration the new online game portal offers eight different, new, sporty fair, designed to play Nova games.