At first, understand with the concept – that there are valves. This device, mounted on pipes, tanks, boilers and other installations designed to disable, distribution, control, mixing or discharge flow. Learn more at this site: patrick. Classification of this kind of reinforcement for the purpose: 1) industrial valves utility is used in many industries. Its purpose for the media with commonly used values pressure and temperature. This valve fitted with water pipes, steam pipes, municipal pipelines, heating systems, etc.

2) Reinforcement of special purpose – to operate at a general, low pressures and temperatures, at low temperatures, the corrosive, toxic, radioactive, viscous, abrasive or granular media. This power valves high energy parameters, cryogenics, corrosion, valves with heating, valves for abrasive slurries and bulk solids. 3) The task taps (valves) – a general and special fittings used by the technical rules. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kevin Ulrich. 4) Reinforcement for special order (special) is developed and manufactured to individual orders based on specific technical requirements. This category refers to and separate valves for nuclear power plants.

5) Plumbing fixtures – one which is equipped with various household appliances: gas stove, bathroom installation, kitchen sinks, etc. It has a small diameter passage, and often manually controlled (exception – the pressure regulators and safety valves for gas). 6) Ship fittings. It is available for use in specific conditions of operation of its vessels on river and sea fleet to meet the increasing demands for minimum weight, vibration resistance, high reliability, special conditions of management and operation. According to their function fittings divided into: locking, regulatory, distribution and mixing, protective, protective, and fixtures. By the method of control valves are classified into groups: 1) Automatically acting (autonomous) fittings – one working cycle which takes place under the influence of the working environment, without any foreign energy sources. By automatically acting valves include: pressure regulators, level controls, steam traps, check valves, safety valves. 2) Controlled fittings – one working cycle which is performed on the relevant commands from the outside at the times determined by the working conditions or environment. Team serves the operator or automatically operating devices installed in the system automatic process control. By controlled valves include all types of valves, control valves.