Unfortunately, in high level of competition is impossible. Most likely, you caught sucking optimizer, or it is a trick and presents the budget in parts. It is also possible that your site will promote unacceptable methods, and the stars have to fly to the atomic bomb and explode it in a way sure. Require a full report on what will be spent your money. Those who offer cheap, does not even exist, that you will answer, but those who overstate the budget, not will be able to substantiate all costs. Optimizer can take the job as a budget other than those approved them, but will warn you of what you can expect in this case. In the course of the budget may be increased, but at the initiative of the customer: 'Oh! Like me, I want anymore! How much will it cost? " Sometimes the optimizer dictates all customers the same budget, regardless of the competition, and other conditions.

No comments. The commission, of course, the optimizer will not work for free, and by the way, how he determines the value of their services can be judged on its professionalism and honesty. There are different ways of payment services Promotion: The payment by the number of listed public. Most likely, agreeing to a payment option, you will immediately receive a large flow of visitors. But, not having to rejoice, make them useless. Do you want to pay 'crooks' unfair given the optimizer probably dorveyschikom.

Furthermore, even if the visitors are targeted, you can still go without them once done work with the optimizer. Payment for the result. optimizat; op receives a pre-agreed percentage of revenue client. Unfortunately, this type of payment is difficult to implement, since the optimizer to track your income is well-known difficulties. Percentage of the total advertising budget. Fee Optimizer constitute a fixed percentage of the total advertising budget, usually 30-35%. Popular form of payment, but not without flaws. In the case of big-budget clients must pay extra, the same small advertising budgets have become unattractive for the optimizer. For their work. Quite simply, you are given a work plan, taking into account labor costs, which clearly indicated the cost of each phase of work, depending on complexity. If using these recommendations, you make the right choice, then: recoup the costs of site optimization will receive long-term effect of promotion site and a permanent, high-quality audience might want to continue to cooperate and get a useful partner.