According to research firm IDC for Q3 2007, Acer is the undisputed leader of the Russian notebook market, providing 39.5% of total shipments of notebooks in Russia. The quantitative measurement of this indicator amounted to 368 000 pieces. The increase in notebook sales, Acer compared to same period the previous year was 109%, significantly outperforming the market, which, according to a report the agency IDC, grew by 74.4% compared to the third quarter last year. Thus, Acer has once again witnessed his strong leadership in the notebook market in Russia, where, since 2004, ranks first. According to the Commercial Director to work with partners Acer CIS Inc. Gregory Nizovskaya sell Acer notebooks in the 3rd quarter figures exceeded twice the nearest competitor.

Now Acer is safe can talk about leadership in the supply for the whole of 2007, as Q3 is traditionally is the most significant in Russia, for shipping a PC. Noteworthy point for companies is that such a large number of shipped notebooks Acer, we are now able to provide our clients with access to Russia cutting-edge developments and technologies, together with the appearance of such products Acer in Western Europe. This result is proof of the declared principles of Acer's partnership policy, which provides an opportunity for our partners in Russia, along with partners in other countries of Western Europe, to supply products of Acer at precisely the moment when the consumer takes them high interest. According to the head Acer representative in Russia and CIS Gleb Mishin, in the 3rd quarter sales of laptops have been so successful that the company has exceeded the planned figure in the early years of market share, receiving 39.5% of the market. In the summer of Acer, having gone on significant financial risks, formed a reserve component, three times the average annual value, and it gave the result for the third quarter of Acer received orders for 540,000 laptops for Russia, it has been shipped more than 370 thousand notebooks.

With approximately 170,000 laptops were released in October in order to be delivered to Russia later this year. The basis for the success of Acer notebooks for Russian users is an ongoing compliance the company's products the highest quality standards and the real needs of consumers – both in terms of technological equipment and design, and in terms of ergonomic features. Acer's strong leadership in the Russian market also contributed to a marked degree of flexible partnership policy that provides distributors and dealers the best opportunity for sales of company products and active marketing support for final sales. The company, one of the four yavlyayuschasya world's leading manufacturers of computer hardware and ranked second in the region EMEA – Europe, Middle East and Africa, as the steady leadership keeps on total Supply of computer equipment in Russia. According to IDC, Acer's market share in Q3 was 17%, or 405 180 units of computer equipment (cumulative sales laptops, servers and personal computers). Reference. Acer has released desktop computers, laptops (including the series of Acer Aspire, Acer Extensa, Acer Ferrari, Acer TravelMate), server hardware, storage devices, monitors, peripheral devices, digital devices, LCD TVs and e-business solutions, intended for use in businesses, government and educational institutions as well as for home entertainment. The company employs 5600 employees worldwide. Acer has established a consolidated network of sales and service in more than 100 countries. Consolidated revenues in 2005 exceeded 9.7 billion U.S. dollars, and in 2007 461.7 billion already Taiwan dollars (14.06 billion U.S. dollars).